About us

We at EatoFresh Agri Produce a society of organic farmers working together to make generation healthy and are committed to make our title 'Eat Organic & Fresh' a habbit of you.

>>>>Why EatoFresh<<<<

~ We at EatoFresh committed to deliver quality at your doorstep.

~ We regularly visit our farms to ensure 100 % organic in your plate.

~ We call experts from Punjab Agriculture University Ludhiana to learn modern methods and innovations regarding organic farming.
~ We ensure you for 100 % organic and we will pick our stuff back from your doorstep if you are not satisfied, without any formalities and questions.
~ We procure with utmost hygenic standards anlogwith multiple washes.
~ We regularly take feed-backs from our customers to deliver the service, the way you would like to.
~ We are working on low profit margins to make organic affordable just to build Healthier and Happier tomorrow.
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