Your safety and your health is above all for us

Summary of all of Eatofresh’s COVID-19 related initiatives None of us could have ever imagined or planned for the world we are living in today. The world has come to a halt, and unfortunately, the restaurant industry that we are in, is one of the worst hit. It is in times like these when we really need to rise to the occasion and support each other to the best of our abilities.

At Eatofresh, we are doing everything we can to support our community – our customers, delivery partners, and the daily wage workers who have been impacted the most in these times. We have received an overwhelming support towards all the initiatives we have taken and we would like to thank everyone from the bottom of our heart for the courage and resilience they have shown to help out those in need. Your love and support keeps us going.

Here’s a summary of everything that we are doing to support our community, and our own business at this time –

For our customers Contactless Delivery – amidst the current lockdown situation in India, ensuring delivery of safe, hygienic organic stuff to our customers is paramount for us. To ensure this, we have launched contactless delivery. Customers can opt to allow the delivery partner to leave the package outside their home, ensuring no human-to-human interaction and hence lowering risk of any transmission.

Face masks – we believe that people should wear masks for the sake of others, if not for themselves. In that spirit, we have distributed and continue to distribute face masks to our delivery partners to keep them, as well as our customers, safe from the spread of an unlikely infection. We are also continuously educating our delivery partners on hygiene practices (not to touch face, nose, sneeze in elbow, etc.) to ensure their own as well as the ecosystem’s safety.

~Your Safety Our Motto~

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